An unfortunate injustice, which is familiar to everyone who has ever asked friends to take photos

A Twitter user named Jeff recently shared with the subscribers one unfortunate injustice. The guy showed how beautiful he was able to photograph his friend, and immediately attached his own photo, clearly showing that the friend during the creation of the picture tried much less. It turned out that this problem is clear to many, because the subscribers enthusiastically shared similar decided to share the funniest examples of how we usually take pictures of friends, and how friends in the picture take pictures of us. So, it all started with Jeff."Look how I photographed my friend - and how he photographed me"
Many subscribers supported the guy and to prove that this problem concerns not only him, they began to throw off their examples of such pictures.
"The way I photographed, against the way she photographed me"

"The photo I took for Olivia, against the photo she made for me"
"Hey, Jeff, it happened to me. By the way, Zhanak is actually one of my best friends! " 
True, it seems to us that the photo of a friend still looks much steeper.

Confess to which band you can join: to those who take a steep photograph, or to those who are cool photographed? If you have any examples on this topic, we will gladly look at them in the comments.

Jackie Robinson

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